Vendor Guidelines

In the interest of public safety, to comply with all local ordinances, and to be considerate of patrons and other vendors, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced.

• All vendors will be sent directions regarding set-up time, a map, parking information, and an access pass.

• All exhibitor activities must take place within the confines of your booth. This includes signs, samples, promotional material, and personnel.

• All tents, structures, displays etc. on your site must be secured. Staking into the asphalt is prohibited. Weights may be used, and water barrels can be rented from our tent vendor with prior notice. We will supply water for water barrels if necessary.

• Electricity will be provided. However, generators are not permitted, and no cords will be allowed on the ground in pedestrian areas.

• Should you require water for weights or electrical power, requests for either service must be made 14 days prior to the show.

• Sound levels must be monitored and controlled so that fellow vendors can conduct their business without infringement.

• No vehicular traffic will be allowed on the lot during the show. Only hand trucks, carts, or muscle power can be used to service your booth during the show.

• All exhibitors must remain in operation until the close of the show. Early tear down will result in forfeiture of your deposit, and disqualify you from site eligibility in the future.

• Motorized vehicles will be allowed on the lot only after all show vehicles have cleared the area. Prior to that, items may be removed only by hand truck, carts, or muscle power from your booth.

• A returnable deposit will be added to your vendor fee. Waste containers will be made available. If your area and all identifiable waste is properly disposed of prior to your departure, the deposit will be returned.

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