Back to the Bricks Official DJ

Official DJ for Back to the Bricks®

Year after year, Back to the Bricks® hosts events that include one thing every time… MUSIC!   
Back to the Bricks® has been partnered with DJ and Emcee Scott Kool for YEARS! It all started when Steve Hobson, former Chairman of the Board and Dave Woods, one of our Founders and Former Board members contacted him asking if he could be at all our events. We were looking for more than a DJ, we were looking for a partner who cares about the car community. 
After many events, regime change, and leadership shifts, Scott Kool has remained. He has a team of professionals that show up, set up, rock out and get the job done, every time! We are sure thankful for his guidance and help on events too. He’s always looking to save us money and put on a bigger and better show.

Let’s learn more about Scott Kool

“In July 1967 I got my drivers license. Hello to my 1st car, a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback, right in the middle of High School. A couple of years later, I had a 1969 Corvette with a 427, which I ended up wrecking… YES there’s a story to this, so I needed a new car. I found myself back in a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 with a 428 Cobra Jet Engine with shaker hood. Pretty easy decision here was to sell the ‘70 Mustang. I have a love for fast cars, and fun. 
I can recall a trip I made out to California, where I joined the Mount Diablo Corvette Club. I had driven my 1971 Corvette with a ‘454’, so it seemed fitting. What was crazy was the amount of offers for that Car, because a ‘454‘ Vette wasn’t sold in that state. So I did what anyone would do, Sold it HIGH in California. Boy I wish every day I Could have ALL of them Back.  
Around 2003 in Michigan, I met Mr. Tom Burns of the Rhythm Rodders, at a Motorcycle event, with 800 or so Harley’s. Tom is addressing the crowd with a little Boom Box and Mic, that no one could hear. I had some DJ gear in my Ford truck, and offered Tom the DJ / Gear for next year, and that was the start of me working with car shows. The cruise DJ business was born! I just realized It’s been 20 years of Cruisin. WOW!
Special Thanks to Rhythm Rodders of Otter Lake and Otisville. The Double Deuces and Eagles of Clio. Dairy Queen of Clio. Mountain Inn of Mt. Morris.Twins Pizza of Clio. Flushing A with the Michigan Cruisers. Nite – Cap Tavern of Clio. Special events with Oldies but Goodies Street Rod Club and Christian Cruisers. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my friends with the Sloan Auto Fair and Back to the Bricks, I have a HUGE Family with these organizations and it’s amazing.
I worked with “ The DJ Bob Steel “ as a substitute until Bob passed unexpectedly… Many of us MISS Him , and his stories still live on. 
Thank you, for all the Great new Friends and cars I get to meet.”
Scott Kool
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