Auburn Tour Photos

Photo Credit to Tom Dahlem

Meet your City Captains

Jim McKeny & Bobby Jones

Jim Mckeny is excited about his 4th year on the Promo Tour, as he has partnered with his friend Bobby Jones again to be Day Captains. He has truly enjoyed the tours and wanted to be apart of what’s next.
Over the years attending many Back to the Bricks® events he was very impressed with the organization and wanted to dive in and be an active part of the planning and execution of future events. He also really enjoys helping his community and the communities in which Back to the Bricks® travels through benefit and thrive from the increased traffic and patronage. Meeting new friends is also a big contributing factor.
This year he is most looking forward to seeing all his friends, the scenic roads and exploring new small towns along the way. He even has plans to meet and make new friends too. Jim looks at this experience as a blessing, yes he did some work, but he can’t wait for the fun and car shows too!  
Bobby Jones has been on almost every single Promo Tour with the exception of the first Tour. He really has been looking forward to this next tour, and has worked hard with his buddy Jim on making the Auburn Indiana stop fun for all.
He decided to get more involved as a day captain because he really enjoys the team comorody, and being active in making the Tour a success. The biggest thing he’s looking forward to is the time spent with his wife on the tour. He is planning on making a few stops along the way at their favorite casinos. 
When asked what is the one thing he’s most excited about? He said that being able to be on the open roads with his wife in their 1970 Buick Electra 225, exploring all that this beautiful state has to offer while also hanging out with his friends, is what retirement is truly all about.

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