13th Annual Promo Tour
June 9th - 14th, 2023

Founders Promo Tour

Traveling from Flint Michigan to Adrian Michigan, then to Auburn Indiana for two nights, then off to South Bend Indiana, and wrapping it up in Battle Creek Michigan for one final night of FUN with the opportunity to visit the Gilmore Car Museum on Wednesday before going home.

Each June the Back to the Bricks® Annual Promo Tour provides an opportunity of adventure and camaraderie for hundreds of classic car owners. The six-day tour is designed to do two things: (1) promote all Back to the Bricks® events, especially the August “Main Event” car show held in downtown Flint, Michigan, and (2) showcase each participating city’s unique features and foster economic development.

This upcoming tour will be no different. Kicking things off in Flint on Friday Morning June 9th, at Kettering University’s Atwood Stadium, participants will gather, mingle, catch up with old friends, grab a quick grab-in go breakfast compliments of ELGA Credit Union and get ready to hit the roads. 

The crew will head to Adrian Michigan from Flint for an evening Car Show. Then on Saturday June 10th, car participants take off from Adrian and head south to Auburn Indiana for a two night stay of fun, a downtown Car Show, more museums and comradery. 

Participants will discover so much history on this tour! Monday the tour heads over to South Bend Indiana for an evening Car Show and then head back north to Battle Creek Michigan for more fun, museums, an evening Car Show and more. The Long Haulers Awards will take place in Battle Creek Michigan

We have fun organized “Pit-Stops” along the way, where you will get to see the most picturesque cities that are NOT right off the expressway, but the backroads.

What makes the Back to the Bricks® Promo Tour so special and unique, is that it travels on all backroads, and often the top speed is 55 miles per hour. It allows ANY vehicle to travel on the tour. In previous tours we’ve seen every car from every generation. Model Ts to Rat Rods, Convertibles to Trucks, Camaros to Corvettes, it’s a tour for everyone.

Check out the Cities, click the photos and meet your City Captains

June 9th
June 10th & 11th
June 12th
June 13th & 14th


Al & Deb Jones

Amber & Peyton Taylor 

Bob Ayre

Bob & Linda Moore       

Bobby Jones

Cliff & June Olson


Craig & Madeline Palmer    

Dave & Pam Stilber      

Jim McKeny        

John & Terry Brancheau  

Kevin & Annette Murphy

Larry Konya  

Pete Cimbala       

Ralph Messer    

Stan Cohoon        

Theresa Brown 

Tom Dahlem

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