Flushing & Swartz Creek

AUGUST 11, 2017


During the week prior to the main event, the excitement builds as Tune-up Parties rev up on successive days around the county. Attractions and activities vary by location, but include parties with a 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s theme, concessions, vendors, live music, dancing in the streets, and giveaways. Friday's festivities began at the A-1 Treat Barn, 8541 Miller Rd. at Seymour Rd. in Swartz Creek (formerly the DQ). Later in the day, the party traveled from Swartz Creek to the Flushing A, 200 S. Cherry Street with DJ Bob Steel spinning the "oldies." T-shirts were distributed by ELGA Credit Union, and Back to the Bricks® merchandise was available for purchase.

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