Meet your City Captains

David and Pamelia Stilber

This is David and Pamelia’s 10th tour. They began enjoying the Tour in 2012 and from the start knew it was something they wanted to be apart of year after year.  Their neighbors convinced them to go, they had a 72 Chevelle at the time. Pam had just got her 2011 Camaro Convertible, and wasn’t sure she could go with a newer car. What’s great about the Promo Tour is that it does not require a classic car to participate. Getting to see places in Michigan that they have never been with friends has been great for them both, and her Camaro is a great way to do just that.
This is their 5th time being City Captains. They believe meeting and working with each selected City and State personnel has been very rewarding. They also really enjoy the opportunities to view museums, landmarks and different scenic parts of the state. One of the things they are looking forward to the most is the hosted lunch at Shoreline Park, and a Bonfire planned at Tawas Bay Beach Hotel.  More activities on the beach for the after show.
They both feel that being part of the Tour and other BttB activities such as Chrome & Ice, Tune-Up Parties and the Main Event week in August is a great way to be involved in their community.
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