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Back to the Bricks®
Friendship Promotional Tour 2016
7th Annual



June 10 - 15, 2016

All individuals with street legal automobiles or trucks are invited to join the 7th ANNUAL BACK TO THE BRICKS® FRIENDSHIP PROMOTIONAL TOUR 2016. You can travel the entire tour, attend any portion of it and/or go to any recommended stop(s) along the way. Handing out and discussing BACK TO THE BRICKS® 2016 promotional material is OPTIONAL. Providing for your own food, equipment, hotel and all other individual expenses that incur throughout, for and during the tour, is the participant’s responsibility. Participants of the tour are encouraged to comply with all local laws, speed limits, etc. The registration fee is $40.00 per vehicle and the cutoff date for early bird registration is May 6, 2016. A $15.00 fee will be added to ALL registrations received after May 6, 2016. T-shirt availability after May 20, 2016 is NOT guaranteed.


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RELEASE OF LIABILITY: It is agreed that your vehicle meets and exceeds the State of MI Dept. ofTransportation's safety requirements and that your vehicle is fully insured and licensed .It is also understood that your vehicle and participants will take full responsibility of any damages that may result from careless operation of your vehicle or an unfortunate incident that occurs at a Tour-related Event and hold harmless the BACK TO THE BRICKS® committee, promoters, sponsoring organizations,accommodations facility, clubs, affiliates, spectators, others and/or to yourself at any of the locations in relation with the BACK TO THE BRICKS® FRIENDSHIP TOUR. This form will stay confidential with the Back to the Bricks® Committee.

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