Back to the Bricks - Frequently Asked Questions?
Question: Where do I register?
Answer: You don’t have to register. The entire event is ‘free’ to all show car owners.

Question: Where does the ‘Rolling Cruise’ start?
Answer: The ‘Rolling Cruise’ is an ‘at will’ cruise, meaning you can start at any point on the 13-mile route and at anytime during the cruise which officially begins at 5PM in the evening on Wednesday,Thursday and Friday evenings of the week of the event til 9:00 PM.

Question: Where can I get hotel reservation information?
Answer: You can call Courtney at Flint-Genesee Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau at (810) 600-1456 for assistance.

Question: Who do I call about being a food vendor?
Answer: Call John Root at 1-810-210-6292.

Question: I would like to become a sponsor for the ‘Back to the Bricks’. Who do I contact?
Answer: Contact Al Hatch at 1-810-695-2894

Question: I would like be in the Automotive Vendor Display on Saturday. Who do I contact?
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Answer: Call
Robert Ayre at 1-810-730-7680

Question: We have a car club and would like reserve parking for our members. Who do I contact?
Answer: Call Linda Walters at 810-516-7782

Question: Where do I enter the show area?
Staging for show cars wishing to park on the bricks for Saturday’s show begins at 2:00 AM in the UofM White Lot at 5th Ave and Saginaw St. First come, first parked on the Bricks. There is no staging on the south end of Flint, please take I-475 to Longway Blvd., Exit 8A to the west.
At 6:00 AM the cars will be released for parking on the bricks from the staging lot, the route is south on Saginaw and to the left on Harrison to right on Kearsley, where the left lane will go to the south and right lane will go to the north on the bricks on Saginaw Street, so to be with your friends you must be inline not next to each other.

At 8:00AM Saginaw and Court Street will be open and clearly marked ‘ Show Cars Only’. Just look for the signs.

Question: Can I leave my car overnight in the show car area?
Answer: No cars will be permitted to be left overnight in the show area. If a car is left in the show area overnight, it will be towed and the owner will be responsible for towing and recovery charges, Downtown Streets will be closed at 1:00AM on Saturday morning and will open at 6:00AM for car show parking.

Question: I will be bringing my car on a trailer. Where can I leave my car trailer?
Answer: You can leave your trailer at the U of M’s ‘White lot’ which is located at the corner of Saginaw and 5th Avenue or at the parking lot of the Whiting Auditorium which is located on the north side of the auditorium which is just east of I-475 on Robert T. Longway.

Question: I am a member of a charity organization. Can we be a vendor at ‘Back to the Bricks’?
Answer: At this time, all vendors are commercial entities. Our mission is to promote business for the local economy and due to limited area, charity organizations are not permitted to vend or conduct fund raisers for their organizations at ‘Back to the Bricks’ or related activities. The only exception to this rule is the local churches that are located either on the ‘Rolling Cruise’ route or in downtown Flint.


Question: Do you have to be a member of a car club to park in downtown Flint on Saturday?
Answer: No. Saginaw Street is held open for open parking with the exception of two areas which is on the west side of Saginaw Street across from the 'flat lot' and in front of the University of Michigan Student Pavillion. These two areas are reserved for our sponsors who generously provide us with funds to keep this event free for all. The rest of Saginaw Street from Court St. to 5th Avenue is open parking. Over flow parking is accommodated on Harrison Street and Beach Street which are one block east or west of Saginaw Street. Cross streets that run east and west of Saginaw Street are reserved for car club parking.

Question: I have a car or truck I would like to sell can I park it in the car show?
Answer: Cars and trucks for sale should sign up for the Car Corral located at Court and Saginaw all day Saturday and it's free!


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